String Thing: Easter Edition

Easter’s on its way. Like really. It’s coming up quick and admittedly, I haven’t done anything more than stick a few window clings on a mirror.  Well, that and this DIY. Full disclosure: I created this little project for my job, but it didn’t fit the feel of the new corporate blog. I didn’t want to scrap it all together, so here we are.


I know you’ve seen this project before, but let’s pretend you saw it here first.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Unfinished wood plaque
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Small nails
  • String
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Animal silhouette


1. Before you start, make sure your wood plaque is wiped clean of dust. Once it’s clean, give this a good coat of your favorite acrylic paint. Maybe even two.


2. Draw or trace your silhouette making sure it fits the dimensions of your piece of wood. If you don’t feel like creating your own design, feel free to use the image I used from here. You don’t want an image that’s too intricate, especially if your piece of wood is small, it’ll make the next part tricky. Cut this out and tape it in place on your plaque.


3. Now the fun part! Begin by hammering nails at the joints or bends of your cutout. You’ll want to establish these parts first since these are the points that really define the shape. Be mindful to have the heads of the nails as level as possible with another and don’t pound too vigorously – these little boards are usually pine and that’s pretty soft and easily dented.


4. Once you’ve got the important parts in place, start to fill in the gaps. The nails should be about 1/2 to 1/4 inch apart (depending on the size of your plaque – mine is a 6 inch square) to create enough detail. Don’t hammer the nails too closely or you could crack the wood – yikes. When you’re satisfied with the shape you’ve created, peel away the paper and tape.


5. Now grab your string. You want something thicker than sewing thread but thinner and less, well stringy, than embroidery floss. I chose a pearl cotton needlepointing thread – you can see it’s twisted together, which makes it a good option, but you do you. Take your thread to a nail, preferably one that isn’t at a major pivot ping. Better double knot this in case. Wrap the thread around each nail along the whole perimeter. Keep this taught or it might unwind on you (not that it happened to me or anything). If you want to do this in sections, rather than with one length of thread, go for it.


6. Once the perimeter is complete, you can begin filling in the middle. Again, double knot your thread around a nail. Now randomly zig-zag your thread from one nail to another within your outline.


7. Keep going! Zig and zag until you’re satisfied with how the shape is filled in.  Just like before, if you want to do this in pieces rather than using just one length of thread, go for it. Actually, I’d recommend it. Finish this off with a double knot and be sure to trim the tails.


8. You’re almost done! To finish up, paint the nail heads with a color that matches your thread.


Voila! Adorable. Now go get a chocolate bunny because as cute is this is, I’m hungry.




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